Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Steps 1-3)

I decided to go ahead and start assembling the 3d printer despite not having any instructions (yet). Most of what I have done so far was from looking at the photos, videos, and directions from these links:

Step 1 (front bearing updated from Matt Underwood):

Parts needed:

  • threaded rod (348mm long)
  • 6 nuts (the larger ones in the kit)
  • 6 flat washers (19mm OD)
  • 2 fender washers (32mm OD)
  • 1  2 bearing
  • 2 printed bar clamps

Divide the length of the bar into 4, and mark 3 lines on the threaded rod (centered and evenly spaced). Mark a center line on the rod, and then mark two lines 74mm from the center. These will be your center points for the bearing and two bar clamps. See the 3 photos below for how they are assembled:


For the bearing, I simply made sure it was centered on the threaded rod. I installed the bearings with the middle line between the two. To line up the bar clamps, I drew my lines with a sharpie and then made sure that the lines were centered between the sides of the bar clamps.


Step 2 (back motor mount):

Parts Needed:

  • 8 flat washers
  • 8 nuts
  • 2 threaded rods (348mm)
  • 1 printed motor adapter (see photo)
  • 2 printed bar clamps

The motor mount needs to be positioned so that its inner edge will be 10mm from the center of the threaded rod. This will line up the stepper motor’s pinion gear so that its centered on the rod and lines up with the bearing from step 1. NOTE: Make sure that the recessed areas on the motor mount (for the motor bolts) are facing the center of the threaded rod. You want your motor off to the side.


The bar clamps should be mounted on the top rod just like in step 1. These photos do not show the two extra bearings that are needed. They should be centered like in step 1, and with 1 washer separating them from the motor mount.


Step 3 (bottom frame):

Parts Needed:

  • 14 flat washers
  • 14 nuts
  • front bearing assembly
  • rear motor assembly
  • 1 threaded rod (348mm)
  • 2 acrylic side walls

I simply attached the two assemblies and extra threaded rod as shown in the photo. The only thing I did to align the rods and walls was to keep the outer nuts at the end of each rod so that the walls are as far apart as possible.


Ignore the 3 long threaded rods and extra nuts/washers in the photo. I decided to put those on in a separate step (you’ll see why).


Note the alignment above. I did this for each threaded rod I installed.


Once I had the assemblies and threaded rods installed on one wall, I carefully lined them up, and installed the other acrylic wall. NOTE: You want the vision text to be toward the front of the print on both side walls.


OK, time for a coffee break…


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