Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Steps 12-13)

Step 12 (x axis pt1):

parts needed:

  • 1 stepper motor
  • 3 black bolts (10mm)
  • 1 pinion gear
  • X motor carriage (printed)
  • threaded rod (45mm)
  • 3 nuts
  • 3 large flat washers
  • 2 bearings
  • X idler carriage (printed)


Slide the pinion gear onto the motor shaft. The set screws need to be on the outside. Don’t tighten it down yet. You will do that later. Then attach the motor to the mount with the 10mm bolts. You should orient the motor so that the cable comes out the bottom. The bolt along the bottom of the platform will be tricky because its hard to get to. I suggest getting one of the others started first, then do this one.


Now take the threaded rod, and thread it into the idler carriage. As you start to thread it through, attach 1 washer and then two nuts on to the inner side (see photo below). You’ll need to add them one at a time because there is not enough space otherwise.

Counter tighten the two nuts you just added, and then slide a washer, 2 bearings, another washer, and then finally a nut on to the other end of the threaded rod. Tighten the assembly by counter tightening the two outer nuts.


Step 13 (x axis pt2):

parts needed:

  • x motor assembly (step 12)
  • x idler assembly (step 12)
  • 2 smooth rods (600mm)
  • extruder carriage (printed)
  • 3 linear bearings
  • 4 black bolts (16mm)
  • 4 small flat washers
  • 3 black bolts (25mm)
  • 7 black nuts


Slide in the 3 linear bearings into the extruder carriage. Then attach the 25mm bolts and nuts told hold them in place. Don’t tighten yet.


Now slide the two rods into the holes on the X-motor assembly. This might take a lot of pressure. You want the ends of the rod to be flush with the outside of the plastic. The slide the extruder carriage onto the two rods. Make sure it is oriented the right way. You want the tabs for the belt clamps facing the back (by the motor), and you want the linear bearings facing down. See the photo below for details. Finally, slide the rods into the idler assembly. This might also take a lot of force, and if you go too far, you can use some large channel locks (big wrench) to push them flush again.


Before you are done, you need to install the 4 (16mm) bolts with washers and nuts into the two assemblies and tighten them up. If the extruder carriage slides back and forth smoothly, you should tighten up the 3 bolts holding the linear bearing in place.


2 thoughts on “Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Steps 12-13)

  1. I cracked the motor mount side a bit where both rods enter due to the opening being a bit too small. I dremeled the other side a bit to prevent it from happening again and it worked like a charm.

  2. Same comment to oil bearing before installation. Also my suggestion (and what I did) was to drill and tap 3mm thread at each end of the “X” Axis smooth rods to make fine length adjustments. To push the rods I modified a cheap “C” clamp by sawing a “U” in the non screw end. Similar concept as a gear puller.

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