Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Before You Begin)

The Right Parts:

Before you start building the Vision 3D Printer, you should double check that you have the right amount of a few key parts.

10mm black bolts (14 needed)

These will be used to mount the 4 stepper motors. Two of the stepper motors require 4 bolts each , and the other two require 3 each. My kit was short 2 bolts, so double check yours.

8 skateboard style bearings

These bearing are used for the the X and Y axis belts and for the Z axis supports. Its possible you can get by with 6 bearings, but I used 8. Here are the possible modifications:

  • Front Y axis: 2 bearings
  • Back Y axis: 1 bearing (optional 2nd)
  • X axis pulley: 1 bearing (optional 2nd)
  • Z axis supports: 1 bearing each

Mistakes In This Guide:

There are some mistakes in this guide, though I’m trying to correct them as I find them so please send me your feedback! Also, should you ever find a discrepancy between the photos and text, you should defer to the text. In many cases I took the photos before realizing there was a problem, and correcting the text is much easier than correcting the photos đŸ˜‰


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