Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Steps 19 – 21)

Step 19 (installing the hot-end):

parts needed:

  • extruder assembly
  • wired hot-end


Unscrew the two black bolts stick out the back side of the extruder assembly. You don’t need to take them all the way out. Just loosen them enough so that the black hot-end stub can be removed:


Inser the wired hot end into the hole, and align it so that the wires are in the back, and the heater block is straight:


Now tighten back up the two bolts.

Step 20 (Mounting the extruder)

parts needed:

  • 3d printer
  • extruder assembly
  • 2 wide black bolts (3.5mm wide)
  • 2 large black nuts
  • zip ties

Slide the two bolts into the x-carriage. Note their position. The extruder needs to be installed at an angle so that is does not rub against the x-belt.


Insert the two nuts into the traps on the extruder, and attach and tighten down the extruder.


Once installed, use a zip tie or two to secure the extruder wires together and out of the way of any moving parts like the belt.

Step 21 (Power Supply):

parts needed:

  • power supply
  • wiring pack
  • RAMPS Controller board


Take the power cord with the switch and cover attached, and connect the 3 wires to the power supply. From RIGHT TO LEFT the Colors are BLACK, WHITE, GREEN.


Now take the small cable with the plug on one end and attach it to the 3rd and 4th screw terminal from the left. There is a small line that divides the Negative 3 terminals from the positive. This plug connects to the inner two terminal, straddling the line. Check out the photo:


Now Add the two red/black cables in the same way working your way inside to out:


At this point you can put the cover on:


Finally, take the power plug off of the RAMPS controller board and attach the 4 bare wires to it. The pattern for this plug is different. Positive and Negative alternate. In the photo below from RIGHT TO LEFT, it is RED, BLACK of one cable, then RED, BLACK, of the next cable:



One thought on “Assembling The Vision 3D Printer (Steps 19 – 21)

  1. Ryan,

    Any idea where the stop switches go? I think I’ve got everything done except for that. I’ve even got the board all wired up to the motors, etc. and LED lighting in place :).

    Also, I thought along the way somewhere Matt mentioned us having to flash the chip? I hope he catches up with us. I’m dying to get this thing calibrated and printing.

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