Vision 3D Printer – Software Setup

General Information Needed

  • Stepper Motors:
    • Model: sy42sth47-1206a
    • 1.8° per step = 200 steps per rev
  • Stepper Drivers:
    • Pololu
    • 1/16 microstepping
  • X & Y Axis
    • 18 tooth pinion gear
    • MXL belt (2.03mm pitch)
  • Z Axis
    • M6 – 1mm per rotation  ???
  • Extruder
    • Pinion: 11 tooth
    • Extruder gear: 45 tooth
    • nozzle: 0.35mm – 0.5mm (read the size)
    • filament: 1.77mm (you need to measure multiple places and rotations, and then take the average)


Reference Material

Configuration Values (steps per mm)

I calculated these values by using Prusa’s calculator above and Richrap’s blog post on extruder calibration:

  • X Axis: 88/90 (calculated/measured)
  • Y Axis: 88/90
  • Z Axis: 3200
  • Extruder:  595/632

Marlin Firmware

I’ve recently switch to the Marlin firmware and so far it seems to be working at least as good as Sprinter. It took a lot more setup to get it going, so hopefully it will be worth the effort. Here is my Configuration.h file.

NOTE: I only have 3 endstops: X_MIN, Y_MIN, Z_MIN. To get Marlin working I had to add jumpers for the X_MAX, Y_MAX, and Z_MAX endstop pins and set the max travel distance in the configuration.h file.

SD Card

If something is wrong, getting the SD card to work can be a little tricky because there is basically no debugging information. Make sure these things are true before you begin:

  • SD Card is formatted FAT 16 (some people say OSX doesn’t format it correctly, so I used my digital camera to do it)
  • SD holder is plugged in properly. The holder has 12 pins, but there are only 8 sticking out of the RAMPS. Make sure the lower 4 holes are hanging over. Look carefully at the RAMPS Wiring guide
  • In Marlin’s Configuration.h file, add/uncomment the line “#define SDSUPPORT”

Using the SD Card:

  • Name your file auto0.g if you want Marlin to automatically print it on boot
  • Alternatively you can “SD Print” from pronterface and unplug the computer once its started


I added some custom g-code settings to the begin and end sections in slicer. Click Print Settings -> Custom G-Code

Start G-Code

M92 X90 ; X steps per mm
M92 Y90 ; Y steps per mm
M92 Z3200 ; Z steps per mm
M92 E660 ; Extruder steps per mm
G28 ; home all axes

End G-Code

M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
G1 X120 Y200 F1200 ; center x axis and move bed to front
M84 ; disable motors

8 thoughts on “Vision 3D Printer – Software Setup

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  2. Hello,

    This is Matt Gleeson. Just wondering what temperature you set the extruder at, because Sli3r is asking for that information.



      • ok. I’m trying to print right now, I am using Blender, Replicator G, and Arduino, but replicator G says that it “couldn’t find a port to use” when I try to connect my computer to the printer. Do I need to send the code through sprinter(I tried downloading but all I got was folders, do I need to put the code into the Arduino application?)



      • You need to first install the firmware onto the Arduino (via the Arduino app). I’m using Marlin, but Sprinter should also work fine. Once you have downloaded the firmware, you need to edit the Configuration.h with the specifics for your printer (a link to my Configuration.h is on the software setup page as a reference). With that in place, you should probably try using Pronterface first. Pronterface can read gCode files (usually generated by Slic3r) and send the gCode to the printer. It also has nice manual controls so you can make sure everything works first.

  3. Hi Ryan, it’s Matt again. So I’m totally new to 3d printing, as well as programming in general (I’m only 16 and have been busy with school). I have already built my printer by following the instructions on your blog, but I don’t know how to perform a systems check to be sure the printer is assembled correctly, so would appreciate any help with this aspect. Regarding the software, I downloaded Slic3r and Printrun, and have them installed on my MacBook Pro(running 10.6.8), and the programs open but I do not know what to do from this point on.

    Can you walk me through simplified instructions to change the settings of Slic3r and Printrun so that they work with the Vision printer? If you have any links to a website that shows me how to do this, that would also be appreciated.



  4. Hey Matt,
    Glad to hear you are making progress. You are probably now at the step where you will spend most of your time. I’ve just added a page called “First Print” that might help you get started. Good luck!

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